Thursday, February 2, 2012

As a writer, I'm always listening to the voices in my head. Some of the voices yell louder than the others. Some voice just demand to be heard. And then there are the other voices the softer voices that motivate me to write.

As the character speaks to me, I write the words or what I think they want to say to me down. It is amazing to me after a long day of writing how the character has developed in that short time of writing. And how the story has come together like a painting. Sure the stories not done. I'll come back to it tomorrow and reread what I have written and say to myself why did you write that down or there is a better way to describe that.

Writing is more than just listening to the voices in my head. It is more than just words on paper. Telling a good story takes time, hard work, and lots and lots of revisions. Then suddenly the words come together and the character comes to life not just in my head but on the page. And then in the mind of the readers.

So the voices in my head, if I do my job right, those voices will come alive in my readers' heads has well.

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